GVWill provides a lifetime management plan for your estate to be dealt with efficiently

What is a plan?

A method, devised by someone who knows what will be required in the future, using knowledge and resources available now, to prepare for the task ahead.

Who better than you to devise a plan .. but a Will is only a first step.

A Will identifies who is to carry out (execute) your estate and who is to receive your estate (inherit).

The work done to wind up your estate is never seen by you. You probably don’t know the winding up procedure, or the legal consequences of your Will, and how it affects costs, and your heirs.

GVWill is a subscription service we offer, where you work with us to prepare for your estate winding up during your lifetime. Together with us, your plan is maintained and updated, and amended when necessary.

The benefits of subscribing are-

  • Insight into the post death procedures applicable to your personal estate
  • Professional guidance and drafting of documents
  • Safe storage of the complete set of documents
  • An up to date record of all relevant personal information, maintained
  • Reduced Executors fee
  • Automatic reminders annually
  • Access to legal advice as required
  • Regular news and legal updates as may affect your plan
  • A relationship with us which will benefit your family once you have gone

You can only plan if you understand the requirements, procedures, and costs (our part), and the personal details and circumstances current (your part).

Make an appointment to discuss your existing Will or to draw a Will, and enquire about the Plan. We’ll discuss all aspects with you before you decide to subscribe.


Should you wish to apply right now, please complete the following form.